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Thread: Original Tasco Titan 3-12x52 for sale

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    Original Tasco Titan 3-12x52 for sale

    For Sale Original Tasco Titan 3-12x52 scope in great condition!
    This widely regarded as tascos best ever scope and one of the best lower end scopes available! It is the high quality glass not the cheap remakes available now!
    Scope has a 30mm tube and features the low style turrents, and comes with mounts, sunshade and 2 butler creek caps.
    great bit of kit, only selling as ive just received a new S&B so surplus to requirement!
    looking for around 200, but im open to offers!
    will upload some pics later on!
    Pm me for anymore details! thanks
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    Ahhh surely those low turrets are on the second Model Titan. The first models had turrets and adjustements that are the same as those found on the Schmidt & Bender scopes. I have a 3-9x42 "Original" Titan here and there is a 2nd model on my P-H 1100 Lwt with those lower turrets..

    If I had not recently brought the Tasco #707 target scope I would be making you an offer .

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    my mistake if thats the case what i really mean is that its not the cheaper poorer quality glass used in the remakes! ATB

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    I agree had 1 of these, excellent glass.
    the hawke titanium copies are ***** compared to these.
    almost as good as top end german glass good luck with the sale.

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    cheers mate is a great bit of kit for the price! ATB

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