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Thread: Sako 75 Varmint .243 with T8 Moderator

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    Sako 75 Varmint .243 - 700

    This is going to make way for a Sako 25-06 a friend is selling.

    It's a Sako 75 Varmint in Blue and Wood as per here

    he bluing is very worn where the T8 screws on to the barrel as the Delrin bush is a very tight fit but it shoots superbly. Trigger is excellent as you would expect

    I've attached some older pics but I'll get some better ones up over the weekend.

    Price is for gun and T8 only.

    800 ono
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    The T8 is knackered on close inspection I'm afraid so it's gun only and I'll include the 30mm rings. 700 ono.

    My son helped with the photos



    Attachment 14796

    Attachment 14797

    Attachment 14798

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    PMs replied too.

    Price drop to 600 but thats the bottom line I'm afraid.



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    Agreed to buy my mate's 25/06 last night so it's back up for sale!

    550 collected, 600 via RFD.

    You can have the T8 if you like as well, it's apparently worth 60% against a new one from Jacksons I'm told.



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    How many rounds has this seen Phil? and what thread size is it screw cut and is the t8 holed or just a bit rusty?

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    Get it bought Jase you wont regret it, superb bit of kit.
    i have the same rifle shortened to 20" and fitted with cmm4au mod, will shoot 75gn vmax into .5 all day long and .75 with 87vmax.
    My favourite rifle for roe and fox. DF

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    Sold sold
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