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Thread: The perfect heart shot

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    The perfect heart shot

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    I was amazed at the amount of blood instantly seen coming from the arrow strike!

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    read the comments.

    I guess 5 pages, for this one.

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    Cant fault that


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    Hell of a shot!

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    theirs a lot of blood their, that wasn't going to go far!! is that you in that video Gary?


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    Bang to rights, that one!

    There seems to be a hell of a lot of deer in america in those bowhunting videos? Will that be indicative of the whole place? I've seen videos where they watch 5 or 6 good, big bucks go by to wait for the one they want!

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    well it did its job as good as any soft point.

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    I have to say I am in two minds about bow-hunting, it's probably not for me but having watched a few USA DVDs on the subject I have to say that I can see some positives in that the animals drop very quickly, appear far less traumatised than if shot with a bullet and nothing else in the area is spooked.

    In one DVD I saw a huge brown beat shot by a bowhunter and it reacted as if stung by an insect as the arrow passed right through, then lay down again apparently not bothered too much and then just expired. The one thing is that you'd have to be a better stalker than some rifle shots as the shooting range is much closer and you'd need to be confident in shot placement. The modern arrow is really a lethal piece of kit designed to open as it hits the target and cut a large channel as it passes through making death from haemorrhage almost certain.

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