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    I live in North Wales, I am not a deer stalker but have been a shooter since I had my first airgun in 1955, since then I have gone through a host of disciplins, game, pigeon, clay's, I had my first .22 in 1963 & it's gone on from there, full bore target rifle, pistol untill they took them from me. I was attracted to this forum after reading the threads on B.S.A. rifles, I currently own three of this make, a 12-15 .22 sporterized for rabbiting, a .22 mk2 international which nowadays I shoot off the bench, & a.22 Hornet which I thought was a "hunter" but after reading the discussion, apparantly it is not as it does not say Hunter on the rifle. This is my favourite & will be the last to go.
    I have a question to ask, yesterday I bought a B.S.A. Monarch 1st pattern I believe, in .308 for sporting rifle comp's, I have a fettish for B.S.A.s, the only fettish I have at my age, whilst at the shop I asked the dealer to remove the bolt & we couldn't remove it. He removed the stock & we got the bolt out, the barrel looked good so I was pleased with that. The dealer phoned the previous owner & he said that's the only way to remove the bolt, or slip a very thin piece of metal [feeler gauge] under the bolt to release it. Now I find it hard to believe that B.S.A. would sell rifles without a simple means to remove the bolt, SO, can anyone help please?

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    Welcome to the site, I think you might get a better response if you post your question on general discussion, or a more appropriate forum.

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