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Thread: Cuckoo

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    Heard the first Cuckoo of the year last night anyone else got them yet?

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    I haven't heard any hereabouts for about three years, must be the badgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Heard one up at Solwaystalkers on Wednesday.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Not heard one yet in the North, but did see my first osprey of the year near Strathpeffer.

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    had them about 4/6 weeks in lancashire

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    First one this morning, and the swallows arrived back here on wednesday.

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    Heard my first this year at 5.45pm Tuesday 17th.
    I was in a high seat and it sounded off just behind me, then flew in front of me and started again.
    I have heard them in the distance quite often, not this year, but this was as close as you could get.
    The noise was quite loud and clear.

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    Yep heard my first one this year at the beginning of the month, I was looking for my first Buck of the season and ended up being successful about an hour later. Between hearing this and watching the Barn Owl out working the ground to my front, I nearly, I said nearly got distracted.

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    going to a really nice wood tomorrow eve i normally hear them there last try for a fallow so hope they show up too

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    Been hearing them for about a fortnight now but not seeing the numbers as yet
    Great to hear the first few days but blooming annoy all day long day after day

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