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Thread: Shortest possible barrel length for Tikka T3 243?

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    Shortest possible barrel length for Tikka T3 243?

    I am toying with the possibility of shortening the barrel on my T3 243, but am wondering if anyone has also done this? What's the shortest length before you start losing velocity, accuracy, etc? Cheers.

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    I had a T3 in 6.5x55 with a 18inch barrel. Accuracy was excellent but I lost over 100fps on average.

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    Hi, i am and always have been an advocate of chopping barrels but you need to be aware of and accept a few things.

    1, You may suffer an immediate loss of accuracy and wind up with a scrap barrel. I have chopped a number of barrels and have only experienced this once but it has happened and i couldn't do anything with it.
    2, You need to keep it legal, so it should have at least the minimum legal barrel length regardless of what you are using it for and then consider that if you are hunting with the rifle the velocity must be within legal requirements and provide sufficient energy to be deer legal.
    3, resale value. This could be a problem when you want to part exchange, some people won't touch them with a barge pole.

    In short, you need to accept that you WILL lose velocity, you may lose accuracy (but this is unlikely unless you are unlucky) and you will affect the resale value. I am happy to take the risk with my .243 and it shoots every bit as well now as it did when full length, so do all of my mates 243's.

    Hope that helps and good luck with what ever you decide.

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    I have a T3 243 with an 18" barrel...Shoots 85gn noslers beautifully...I keep looking at 25-06 but cant bear to part with the 243....Yes I know, keep it as well but how mant tools does one need....Dont answer that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparko View Post
    I have a T3 243 with an 18" barrel...Shoots 85gn noslers beautifully...I keep looking at 25-06 but cant bear to part with the 243....Yes I know, keep it as well but how mant tools does one need....Dont answer that!
    About as many as the wife needs saucepans ?

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    If you are ever down this way, call in ...I will let you suggest that one...

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    I have cut a .270 to 14" - idea being that a large end of barrel moderator could be used & still have a sensible oal for stalking.

    Accuracy varied as the years went by, eventually being scrapped for various reasons but still capable of 3/4" grouping!

    Only ever had one barrel suddenly lose accuracy after a chop job - turned out the live centre used to support the barrel in the lathe had marked the rifling a few mm back beyond the crown. Another short chop and accuracy was restored.


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    I had a 308 cut today , the guy that did it said he wouldnt cut any barrel shorter than 20 inches i never
    asked why as i only wanted 3 inches off, i think he said there was a legal overall length from the end of
    barrel to end of butt , could be wrong tho,
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    I had my Tikka T3 cut down to 16 3/4" without it affecting accuracy one bit. It continued to fire 100gn Norma SP in the same manner it did when it was the full length (23"?).

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    I like short rifles, but i'm not a fan of short barrels, and i think the 243 with its high capacity to bore ratio is a particularly poor choice for cutting back. However, i appreciate you might do it to fit a moderator - we don't have that option. On avergae, you'll loose around 50fps per inch for the 243. Effects on accuracy are difficult to predict. If you have a heavy barrel, longer barrels have advantages with respect to accuracy because there is a lower pressure at the muzzle, producing less bullet tipping effect on exit from the muzzle. This is one of the reasons precision shooters use long barrels. But in a lighter weight barrel, accuracy may improve due to greater "stiffness". But accuracy in a sporter barrel is all harmonics, so the effect is difficult to predict.

    Personally, i always would rather loose length somewhere else first. Hence, i mostly hunt with a Blaser, which is about 3" shorter thru the action vs a conventional turnbolt. Single shots are short thru the action, too. A ruger no 1 will save you more than 4", and nearly 6" when you are talking about a magnum cartridge in a magnum-length turnbolt.
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