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Thread: Bunwell Wood Shoot/stalkingengland.

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    Bunwell Wood Shoot/stalkingengland.

    I have just spent a great day with a few other guys doing the one day venison butchery course in which I was given a rather large Roe to skin and prepare under instruction and supervision of both Mark and Rodger from the Bunwell Wood Team. I am not new to skinning and preparing my beasts but thought that I would enhance my knowledge with some expert advice from the guys. I have to admit I did learn a fair bit and I am without a doubt much better, more proficient at the butchering side of my stalking having attended this day.

    The course was an informal one with a lot of good banter but at the same time the instruction and supervision was of a high standard. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend attending this day to anyone, be you a novice or old hand like myself it is well worth the money.

    To top it all off we were given the pleasure of trying a few of Rodgers deliciously prepared venison recipes for lunch. Of course I also left at the end of the day with a finely butchered beast ready to cook and eat.

    Thank you very much to Mark, Rodger, the rest of the team and the other students, I had an enjoyable day in great company.
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    I agree it was very educational, a better and new approach to the original ways i have learnt, just a shame i didn't get to try Chef's special recipe (dam my dog) .

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    Come on buddy, after your indulgence with the amber nectar the night before you were quite happy to get out on a stroll with the dog. I have to admit I am just a bit jealous, although I am making up for it right now. Said he, with glass in hand. Slangevar.

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    I had a great day too, learnt a huge amount and can now butcher a deer! I also managed to get my first muntjac buck that evening. Will do a write up later.


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    Well done on getting your first Muntjac buck, with all that was going on around us you kept kept a very cool head and showed great
    patience. You will have to teach me the "shoot between the ribs shot" some day, I've never seen a carcase with less damage
    Found my bino cover after going back and having a look in field just in case one of the lambs ate it, it had fallen in my gun case
    Must agree about the butchery course, many thanks to Mark and Roger(fantastic lunch by the way) hoping to charm Julie with it
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    Haha I wasn't sure who was more nervous out the two of us! Thanks for taking me out, did rob get his fox.

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    Don't know, not heard anything.

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