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Thread: 1st stalk wanted - anything in the midlands?

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    1st stalk wanted - anything in the midlands?

    Hi guys

    Hopefully you'll recognise me from posts ive done.

    Anyway, the day is finally arriving..........

    Im looking for my first stalk, from about 12th March onwards, weekday or weekend.

    Ive got plenty of years experience hunting and shooting with shotguns, and im insured with the NGO - so although a deer virgin, im not a liability. Im safe, can keep my mouth shut and follow the directions of experienced people!

    By the time of the stalk I will have made several visits to the range practising shot placement, getting zero'd and comfortable with the rifle.

    Ideally i'd like something in the midlands, just to keep costs down - and i'd like to keep what (if anything) I shoot.

    Obviously im quite happy to pay for this (but please be gentle).

    Please pm me if you can recommend yourself or anyone.



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    First Stalk !

    Sorry i have nothing in the Midlands, if you want to come to Scotland i will give you your first stalk for nothing, just to say welcome to the highly addictive, money sapping, early morning , soaking wet , freezing cold, windblown world of deer stalking.

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    you have a PM


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