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Thread: Badly cut paw!!

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    Exclamation Badly cut paw!!

    Just a quick question:

    My dog MAX is currently away at the kennels getting some training with someone who knows what they are doing.
    Had a text from the guy saying that max has badly cut his paw whilst being trained and they took him to the vets.
    He's on anti biotics and will need the cut on his pad sewing up on monday!

    Any idea on how much the treatment will cost?
    Will the kennels have insurance to cover this sort of thing??



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    Would think you are looking at 60-70 for the visit today, then 100 up for the next lot. Doubt the kennel would cover it, on the rare occasion I have to kennel my dogs, you normally sign a disclaimer saying that you accept such things happen and the costs associated.

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    Thanks for the info mate. We didn't sign any disclaimer.
    We have tried to contact the guy via email and text and had no reply (might be busy ?)
    Just want to know that max is ok - we can sort out everything else later.


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    There are several reasons these things happen
    Neglect is one and accidental is another
    I am surprised you did not sign a disclaimer or any thing to say you are responsible for vet treatment if nessecary
    But I would expect to get a bill for this if I was you
    Probably 135+ depending on the vet practice They use
    I am surprised that they texted you instead of ringing but atleast they let you know promptly
    Sometimes these things happen , just unfortunately it is your turn
    Hope the dog is fine and the pad heals with out a probs

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    badly cut paw and he isnt being stitched until monday ? i cant see a vet making that call , i would think if it was that bad a vet would sort it on the spot , how are they keeping it clean ? keep that text message

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    Haven't got any further info. I would have thought that if it is that bad the vet would have sorted it there and then too!
    Looks like we could be footing the bill for the vet then !

    Thanks for the comments lads - hope it turns out ok.


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    I shouldn't lose too much sleep over it Daz. It's a hazard of dog ownership. Dogs are as tough as old boots and heal much quicker than we do. Both mine cut their paws during the season but in less than two weeks you couldn't see the scars. I didn't have them stitched but just rested them. If I went to the vet every time I had a dog cut it's paw then I wouldn't be able to afford to own working dogs. Obviously if it was too bad he would have to go in which has only happened once with my dogs over the years.
    Max is with an experienced guy who will know what he's doing.
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    Its not unheard of for the treatment to be put off until Monday if the cost is an issue.

    To cut a long story short one of my own dogs suffered a badly cut pad which required extensive stitching whilst being kennelled.

    When I questioned as to why it was not treated immediately the explanation given was that the person who administered the "first aid" had contacted the vet for advice. When it became clear the stitching was needed, due to the dog requiring a general anaethestic, the surgery policy was that in addition to the vet being called out, a vet nurse would also be needed.

    I think that under the circumstances a day or so delay was acceptable as it wasn't life threatening.

    The wound was well dressed and the dog was kept in a clean dry enviroment with a buster collar on until she was taken to the Surgery and the wound stitched.

    That wasn't that long ago and the cost was in the region of 150 for the initial treatment. Future dressing changes ect were carried out by myself.
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    Thanks guys!
    Have been in touch with the guy and he can't find what max has cut his paw on.
    As its a large kennels he had anti biotics and has been giving them to him in some beef stew!!
    They have cleaned the cut and bandaged it and he will be seen by the vet again on monday to see if it needs stitching or not.
    He does know what he's doing as he only trains gundog breeds and does demonstrations at country fairs.

    Thanks again for the info guys!

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    UPDATE: Max has been to the vets today and had his paw stitched, hes wearing a sock and a lampshade.
    Looks like we will be "footing" the bill for the vets work - not sure how much yet
    He seems to be fine and we will be picking him up at the weekend.


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