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Thread: plumber /rayburn engineer

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    plumber /rayburn engineer

    guys dont know if any of you are in the trade described
    but could do with some sound advice
    trying to find a decent chap here in somerset is like trying
    to find a gold medal roe buck in london central
    pm me if anyone could help
    regards pete .

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    What fuel system is it using?

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    Call Spillers in Chard.

    Unless you already have...........

    Rgds Mod

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    turfer its solid fuel mainl wood bit of coal
    ian f thanks for the link had a couple of pms
    from members as well thats whats good about
    this site everone mucking in to help .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator
    turfer its solid fuel mainl wood bit of coal

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    thanks for replying mate got a guy coming 2 moro
    off this site thanks for everbodys pm s and advice
    many thanks pete .

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