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Thread: Meopta meostar r1 tactical 4-16x44 30mm

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    Meopta meostar r1 tactical 4-16x44 30mm

    In great condition ,has no box or paperwork sorry but is genuine
    Front parallax mildot recticle
    The r1tactical has a front parallax as as some have said it and old model.
    It is not the r1has a front parallax
    Cost is 420 delivered.
    Pm me if your interested
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    Have you got any pictures, is it a side parallax, lastly which reticle does it have? sorry for all the questions!


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    pm sent , same qs as jonno

    jonno i think its not side parallax, on the obj lense

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    any danger of a reply to my pm and questions on here


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    I too am still very interested if you could reply to the thread.

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    Not side parallax its on the front objective boys mildot recticle
    please pm me with your email address if your interested and i will get pics out tomorrow
    atb mark.....

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    pm sent on 22nd with email address asking for piccies , interest starting to diminish


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    interest well and truely over

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    Are you open to offers on this?

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    have you seen a piccie yet jonathen does the scope exist, have asked twice via pm

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