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Thread: Greetings from sunny Norfolk

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    Greetings from sunny Norfolk

    I have just joined as a new member and look forward to learning a lot from you more experienced guys. I'm a retired builder, Norfolk born and bred but I've come out of retirement to build a new house for myself and my partner. We've been working 7 days a week for nearly 3 years so have not had much time for shooting activities recently but we shall be finished later this year and I'm getting myself set up now. I've had a CZ American .22 rimfire for 5 years and I use this to control rabbits and rats and also grey squirrels and corvids (when they're on the ground) on my own land. My firearms officer actually asked whether I had a deer problem and when I confirmed that I had, he walked round my land and offered to add a .243 slot to my FAC. I was delighted at this and have been lucky enough to find a very well looked after Tikka T3 Hunter .243, screwcut 14x1 and still in its original packaging. I just missed a Leupold VX111 3.5-10x40 scope with boon and crocket reticle on Gunstar so I'm looking out for something similar and also a Wildcat Predator 8 moderator, or similar. The previous owner of the T3 had a scope on the rifle which didn't appeal to me so he agreed to keep it and he wanted to keep the T8 moderator for his .223.

    We live only a few miles from Thetford Forest in a fairly wooded area so we see a lot of deer. We're overrun with muntjac which are doing a lot of damage. A few days ago at dusk I saw 7 of them feeding on chopped maize in the field next to my house. We see roe most days and red every few weeks. A herd of between 30 and 35 red passed through fairly quickly a few months ago which is most I have seen together - its usually between 2 and 8. I look forward to getting to grips with the muntjac. We have done some butchering of them when someone came and shot a few for us. We still have some venison in the freezer and always enjoy eating it. We also eat the liver and kidneys and the dog enjoys the heart and lungs so very little is wasted.

    We've had 2 dogs badly gored by muntjac over the years after they corned the muntjac up against a fence. The lurcher recovered well after expensive surgery but it was a horrible sight and a big vets bill. Our terrier was very nearly killed and was operated on for about 5 hours. She did slowly recover but the vets bill was horrendous and she has learnt nothing from the experience and would do it all again today if she got the chance.

    I hope thats given you an idea of what sort of chap I am and I look forward to my stay as a member.

    Regards David.

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    Welcome to the site, you seem all set for your stalking,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome. It doesn't sound like you're going to wear out many pairs of boots from your stalking forays!

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    Hello David
    Welcom to the site, You live in a very good area for stalking. Im not far from you.

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    hi david welcome aboard hope you enjoy the site
    Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser

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    Hello David
    Welcome; typical terrier.


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