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Thread: I found this of interest

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    I found this of interest

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    ......especially the number of revoked certificates and refused renewals
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    Particularly shotgun certificates...I was wondering why then thought, well they are relatively easy to obtain, so perhaps the wrong kind of people obtain then, when I say the wrong kind of people I mean...I hunt so i can have a shotgun rather than the other way round...Just a thought

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    Now that spreadsheet really is interesting. And surprising in many ways. I'd never have guessed at so many refusals and revocations. Makes you wonder, doesn't it ?

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    jesus, glad I dont live in Avon and S.Set!
    high number of revocations and refusals!

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    Although I live in Scotland I found it interesting that I have more firearms and shotguns on my certificates than the averages quoted.


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    Despite the fact they seem to have the largest turnover of renewals, applications etc: Devon and Cornwall I have found very helpful and reasonably quick in dealing with matters. Considering they have lost staff they deserve a pat on the back.

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    just had a add up and acording to that there is only 1.8m firearms and shotguns in the uk . thought there would be more .
    States with the most guns - The Daily Beast . bit of prespective.

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