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Thread: S.a.c.s.

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    Just been looking at their website, A lot of good stuff, & this one really stood out!More importantly, we are the ONLY Association to provide 100,000 legal expenses insurance to all of our members, which ensures that our members can have top-quality expert legal experts to defend them if they are charged with offences relating to their sports, or if they have difficulties with their Firearms or Shotgun certificates - at no cost to them.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Lets just say its been used with good effect and i see it getting used in the future.
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    One of the reasons I chose them as my insurance company.

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    Been there a while now and very happy with everything.

    I couldn't be persuaded to change.

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    Thats the reason I took out SACS insurance. I have maintained my BASC insurance as well, but SACS seems to have the better record. If I could only choose one, it would be them...

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    They are the way forward,I have been a member for a good number of years now and very very happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    They are the way forward,I have been a member for a good number of years now and very very happy!

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    For professional guided Deer & Wild Boar Stalking, practical stalking intro's & Deer related training,
    DSC1 & 2 preparation & witnessing, Field Rifle coaching. Go to - or call me on Tel: 07798 771 062

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    Not true!

    The SGA also give that level of insurance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    The best insurance choice by far for those involved in countryside sports.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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