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    I've the following DVDs for sale, all originals and prices inc p+p

    Hunting the Scottish Six 12 SOLD
    Warrener - Reds in the Roar 15 SOLD
    Wild Boar Fever 3 20
    Britain's Deer - Identification for Level 1 (KRD Wildlife Productions) 15
    Calling Roebucks Hunters Video) 20
    Deer Hunting in Ireland 15 SOLD
    Snares and Snaring with the Warrener 15
    Hounds Terriers and Running Dogs at Work with the Warrener 15
    Fox Control the Warrener Way 15 SOLD
    Venison Carcass Cutting for the Table (KRD/Stretton) 15

    Preparing and Measuing your Roebuck Trophy (KRD) 12 (VHS)
    Warrener Reds in the Roar (VHS) 12
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    Hi Novice.
    Could I please have Hunting the Scottish Six and pay with PayPal?

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    Hi Novice,

    Could i have:
    - Reds in the Roar
    - Deer hunting in Ireland
    - Fox control the warrener way

    I can pay with Paypal and i have an adress in the UK for sending it over.

    Thx Ruud

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    Could I please have Deer Identification also.
    I just realised my copy is crappy vhs and would like to upgrade.


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    Hi novice.
    Payment made,hopefully, second time lucky


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    Some DVDs still available if anyone interested in them.


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    Hi Novice.
    DVDs received.
    Many thanks.


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    Hi,Novice I am interested in the snares and snaring dvd.I can pay with Paypal but I live in Ireland Hope this is not a problem.Thanks

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