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Thread: excellent start to new syndicate land in dumfries

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    excellent start to new syndicate land in dumfries

    i arrived in dumfries on friday dinner time to stalk on my new syndicate land i had been told that there was alot of deer activity on the land. the previous year had seen a few deer taken off the land with some hard stalks done by previous members. so i set off up the hill in my landrover through all the gates and up to the turning circle. i had a steady stalk up to the top high seat that looks up and down a valley after about half an hour i spotted a vixen at 80yrds and as all foxes need to be shot on this lease i let the 22-250 go and down she went. i went over to inspect and move the fox out of te way. i got back in the high seat but after an hour nothing showed so off i went across the valley and up to the edge of the lease which is a good way approx an hour from the high seat this was a very tough stalk but as i reached the end of the ride i glassed a small 6pointer as i got into position he spotted me and turned broadside and with a crack down he went.with a long carry back down to the cari headed off. the next morning was soon upon me and the weather was looking dismal but never the less i set off back up to the top highseat as i waqs sure that this would yeild a buck as i had seen lots of activity in that area and on the way back down the night before had seen several bucks and a few does as i got to the high seat i spotted a small buck grazing about 500yds up the valley but with the wind blowing up towards him he was soon away i got into the seat and waited after about 40 mins a good 6 pointer emerged from the edge of the forest i waited for a few minutes and a small 4 pointer still in velvet emerged from the same place i decided that the smaller buck was my target for todays stalk and dispatched him with a clean shoy to the heart and lungs i did the gralloch and headed back to the hotel as i set out for the afternoon stalk it was looking promising the weather had cleared up so i set off with the top of the land in mind so i stalked up the ride to the high seat and set off up the valley from car park to top of valley is very difficult as the top of the land is almost at the top of criffel it took me 2 hours to rach the top of the valley with nothing seen only lots of slots and ***** as i stated my stalk across the top edge of land a massive storm hit the hill it was a downpour like no other and with this came reduced visibility as i made my way through the heather i bumbed a clean 4 pointer he just trotted off into the forest as if nothing had happened i carried on across the top and back down towards the car with nothing to show for my efforts as i headed down the ride back down past a patch of beech trees where the previous weekend i had been confronted with a 6 pointer chasing off a small buck they ran past me no further than 5yrds away but would not stop for anything. with this in mind i took my time as i reached the end of the trees it opens up to a raised grass area next to the track as this came into veiw i spotted a nice 6 pointer grasing on the edge no even 100 yrds from my truck as i steadied my self on the wall i checked his distance he was 160yrds i took the shot and dropped him on the spot. all in all the weekend has been very productive with over 20 deer seen on the land and 3 taken it seems like to get these deer it takes hard work and a lot of walking involved.Click image for larger version. 

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    Good pics Ben , well done think you will lose a lot of sweat on there this year, the further up the ride
    you go the more evidence of deer and boar mate
    Did you make it to the area they had been burning heather it was on the boundry almost got to the trees
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    exellent read, nice to see them on the ground. looks lovely place and i think the harder you work for them the more memorable they are you certainly have to work to get them in scotland but very rewarding,atb wayne.
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    cheers for the replies guys you are both right very hard work and i think by the end of the season i will be a shadow of my former self. and yes colin i made it all the way to the area that was burnt its right on the edge of the land so close to the blocks of trees it seems that the wall was the saving grace for the trees Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks a brilliant piece of ground, had a good weekend as well , nice write up, happy days ahead for you no doubt

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    Nicely done mate! cracking bit of land. would of loved to be part of the syndicate. seen plenty of deer up the criffel ( big hill next to it) when ive walked up it.
    ive been up to my land of forestry just outside dumfries and not seen a great deal as yet but still hoping for decent numbers

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    it was an excellent weekend even if the weather was a bit off ive seen quite afew deer on my jurney back home so there is plenty about in the area so cant wait for my next visit

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    Nice area, at least you have some open spaces not all forestry
    Well done on bucks

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