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Thread: Will a 7x57 convert to 7x64

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    Will a 7x57 convert to 7x64


    I have seen a 7x57 that I like the look of to replace .243. Good all round calibre. The only downside to which is that it is not legal in France.

    Given that there is sufficient length of action to take the longer round can you lengthen the chamber from 7x57 to 7x64 so as to make it legal in France if I ever needed to take it to France.

    7x64 does have a bit more thump than 7x57, but it seems to me that with 7x57 and good handloads you don't give very much away in terms of muzzle velocity to the 7x64.

    Principle reason for wanting to change is that am less than impressed with 243 on Red deer at 150 yard range - 243 is OK if spot on, but one was shot the other day - bullet slightly far forward so hit the shoulder. Bullet smashed the shoulder blade, bullet didn't even penetrate the rib cage.

    Many thanks

    Heym SR20

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    The chamber should clean up but the magazine may be too short. I do know that a 280 Remington will also clean out the 7mm chamber but again, there may be magazine issues.

    What weight/style of bullet failed on that Red?? ~Muir

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    Apparently no, it won't. I looked into this on an American forum. Taking 7x57 out to 280 Remington. Maybe try searching on under either "GUNSMITHING" or "MEDIUM BORE RIFLES".

    However the concensus seemed to be that 7x57 could be re-chambered to 280 Remington and that 7x64 could also be rechambered to 280 Remington.

    Hope this helps!

    I came back from Paris today. Here is a list of readily available calibres if it helps in the "medium" bores: 270, 7mm-08, 7x64, 280 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum, 8x64S, 8x68S.

    My advice? 270 Winchester! It is considered acceptable for wild boar and you will find that it is readily seen with the 150 grain loading. Or 280 Remington. In France this is used in self-loading rifles exclusively.

    There is no "10 gram minimum bullet weight" restriction in France on hooved game.

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    I wonder if a 7x57AI would be a feasible alternative to get around military ban? Perhaps be creative and call its a ".280 Roberts AI" or similar!

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    Hmm. No. See last paragraph on the 275 Rigby "wheeze".

    A lot of people who have not actually read the relevant law, in French, think it prohibits "weapons in military calibres". It doesn't actually say that. It prohibits weapons able to fire "military calibre" ammunition.

    The text, from memory, is something like "an arm able to fire ammunition used in an arm of war".

    That is why all the specialised "civilianised" French versions of 30-06 and 303 actually are chambered for a shortened version of the original military round. An "improved" chamber, as it will still fire the parent round is therefore illegal.

    The only "exceptions" are double rifles in calibres such as 8x57R or lever action rifles in 307 Winchester. I was told that some enterprising individuals imported 308 chambered "Enfield" Pattern 14 rifles that retained the 303 bolt and 303 magazine housing (rather than the Model 1917 bolt and 30-06 magazine housing) so that they could use 307 Winchester! And were sold as "307 Winchester"!

    More to the point is that you will not be able to buy cartridges for your 7x57AI as, of course with no legal market, nobody stocks the parent 7x57 cartridge!

    Some have said that calling it a 275 Rigby is a solution. But again you won't get cartridges for it in France. And the French police aren't stupid. They know 308 Winchester is 7.62mm NATO and etc.

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