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Thread: stalking in shropshire

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    stalking in shropshire

    hi just thought i would ask everyone if any of you new a place in or around Shropshire where you can have a days stalking? if anyone has bean stalking in Shropshire i would love to here how you got on cheers Keith

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    I went stalking by iron bridge in shropshire, A chap called russel wickson. Didnt see much on the morning stalk but saw a small group of yearlings. Decent bloke with some very good ground.

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    thanks for that john i will keep my eye out for him and see if i can book a days stalking with him cheers mate keith

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    If you want his number pm me, hes based in telford. There is also a chap on here called herbert who has some excellent ground, hes a really nice bloke and makes you feel very welcome and ios a wealth of knowledge, hes by shobdon.

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    have you tried the fc in ludlow nice fallow and roe, Alan reed is the head ranger very clever chap might be worth a try

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    ok cheers john i will pm you for the number cheers mate

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    hi gerald thanks for that mate don't suppose you no the number for him do you ?

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