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Thread: rifle for reds and sika

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    rifle for reds and sika

    hi folks

    what rifle do you recomend for reds and sika.

    i currently own a tikka t3 in 243 but fancy something different as i cant get a load to suit for the larger species.

    currently i use 87g hornady v-max which are great on fox and roe but not legal in scotland for reds and sika.

    i have authorisation for a 6.5x55 but am not sure if this is the best option as i also have a fancy for 30.06 , 7mm08 and 260.

    what should i go for and why?



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    30.06, 7 x 64, 270.


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    Is it woodland or hill you are stalking them on?

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    7mm-08 is probably the sensible choice. It is the best deer all rounder - makes for a nice compact rifle, low recoil but enough power for any deer on the planet out as far as i care to shoot. I think it really comes down to whether you like short actions or long actions. I'm a short action kinda guy (my Mrs is constantly reminding me of this). If you like long actions, then i'd say .270.

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    to be fair a deer will never know the difference between the 6.5 x 55 and the 7mm 08 so either will be fine i like the 6.5 x 55 but the 7mm o8 comes in a short action,( the swedes use the 6.5 for moose regularly so they will drop reds easy if you do your part)
    you wont go wrong with either

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    I would say that the 6.5 range would offer more range of bullet weight weight if your home loading but if you just wanted a caliber purely for stags I think the .270 would be hard to beat


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    6.5mm08(aka .260) and 7mm08 are best for a reloader both short action based on .308 case necked down. 6.5x55 and 30.06 are long action rounds easily bought from most gunshops.

    I have a .260rem and shoot 129gr bullets on fallow and muntjack woodland stalking, It is a rifle round combo that i have the confidence of either a 100 head neck shot on muntjack, or 200m cheast shot on a large fallow buck.

    If i was looking at the four choices you have stated i would chose either the .260 or 7mm08 because i like a short action rifle and using less powder for very simular terminal energy.

    BUT alot depends on what rifle you can get in the chambering you want.

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    Hi Ally,

    I tend to use a .270 or .308 on all deer species these days - they both shoot well in lots of different bullet weights and more importantly you can generally always get factory ammo whereever you are. Having said that I've just started playing with a 7mm Remmington Mag which is a mega round and very popular in the States


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    Any commonly used calibre that handles 120grn to around 150grn and everything in between in a bullet designed for deer will do the job, with so little difference between all those already mentioned neither you or the deer will notice any difference in practice...

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    Why is it the opinon that a 243 with a 100gr isnt big enough for reds or sika.has a anything ever walk away from your 243 .The reason i ask is im new to stalking and have a 243..remembering that in S Ireland the legal cabli for Reds is 22-250 with a 55gr .I thought i was doing well going for a 243.

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