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    I am interested in your thoughs on reducing barrel length by 65mm to make a Moderator more balanced while carrying my rifle.
    I find it a pain forever adjusting it on my shoulder
    Would the shorter barrel affect the accuracy ???

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    Have a read here,

    Its a Bruce Potts article from the Shooting Times. Yes he lost some muzzle velocity but not accuracy.


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    My Dad cut off slightly more than that from his SSG 69, as he uses(used) it for Stalking it made no noticable difference as your only shooting to within reason, not 1000m that the rifle was built for, accuracy, well, would you notice that at Stalking distances....


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    My VLS had 6" chopped off the day after I got it.
    It has served me well with no noticeable difference in lethality or accuracy up to 300', never had call to use it over that as a general rule.

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    Cutting the barrel back has the added advatage of making it stiffer there by increasing potential accuracy. Any loss of velocity can be compensated for by using a faster burning power/ hotter primer. Depending upon where on the scale of burn rate etc that you start from of course.

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    i had my 243 cut down to 18 inch's a few friends have 243 s cut to 16 inch's ,they work well .
    really depends on cal

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    My 308 has been reduced to 18" when it was threaded for ase utra s5 it balances just in front of mag housing. Grouping is almost the same as before.

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    less drastic

    I had the same problem which was exacerbated by my sling. I got one of the neoprene types and wear it really quite short. It seems to grip the rifle to my shoulder now.Not saying it doesnt need adjusting occasionally but it really is much less often.

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    I also had both of my stalking rifles setup with shorter tubes for the same reasons, I have a 243AI rem 700 with a 20 inch barrel & a 270 WSM rem 700 with a 20.5 inch barrel & both are all the better for it, they shoot fine out to 250m which is as far as I shoot with fallow.

    Years ago I had a styer PH2 Stainless & this was cut down to I think it was 18 inches in line with the mountian version-it was a far better rifle for it after it was cut down.

    There is no loss of accuracy at all & I think any loss of power is neglagable below 250m, but for handeling & use they are far better with an endcan on.

    Regs Lee

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    what about barrel resonance, surely the maker
    made the barrel a specific length for a reason

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