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Thread: airgun ban in scotland within months

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    airgun ban in scotland within months

    according to the sunday post airguns will be outlawed berore the summers out "except for a select few who require them for pest control" , ie have them put on your FAC

    how the hell are they going to enforce this ? firearms depts are already swamped with paperwork as it is

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    Populist nonsense, there's loads of nutters driving round in souped up corsa's who are a much bigger threat to society, can't see a car ban coming any time soon.
    Same goes for screw drivers, been more stabbings with them than air rifle incidents....

    Once again the lazy state punishes the many for the sins of the few.
    How are youngsters ever supposed to learn how to handle firearms safely? I'll bet the majority on here started with an air gun.

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    I don't think they could afford a ban with the compo they would have to pay out. And any way apart from the ones sold in the last few years they have no idea how many are out there and recent crime figures show a reduction in airgun abuse
    anyway you can see how well the hand gun ban worked

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    outlawing airguns would make people criminals overnight that were unaware of the change in legislation and in many cases unaware that they had airguns too in some cases! Many people have old airguns and pistols stashed away in the loft or garage that are forgotten about or that their kids had before they moved out etc. It would be an admin nightmare..

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    It was in the paper? That'll be right then

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    just passing it on lol , do you think compensation would be paid out ? more like an amnesty then prosecution if you are caught with one ,,
    another thought , if they are on ticket they will need to be in a gunsafe , ive no fecking room left . more expense

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    under EU law they would have to pay compo if they ban

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    Welcome to a separatist Scotland!


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    If it happens in Scotland the rest of the uk will follow

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    If it goes on a firearms cert, no problem,
    having seen the local kids shooting ducks on a pond and being a total pain I can only hope it comes in,

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