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Thread: Musto Munro ?

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    Musto Munro ?

    Has anyone tried the Musto Munro jacket and breeks ?
    If so what are they like ?

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    Haven't tried them , I've heard some good things , only negative is that they are far to hot for summer and a bit pricey, however probably not that bad compared with getting a new set of tweeds made.

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    Pity I had hoped that they might keep me cool as opposed to warm.Any other thoughts ?

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    I have never tried them but I have heard that they are overpriced and not very good. I was not told in specific terms why they were not considered good but the boy I spoke to was not complimentary.


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    If it's the tweed you are considering have a look at Nomad's range first, that what the pro's on the hill are telling me (I have the green smock version)

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