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Thread: Boar Shooters

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    Boar Shooters

    Now we hear from myself and a few others about boar shooting in and around the forest of dean, but where are all the others shooters from Devon, Dorset, Kent, Somerset and Sussex?

    There are resident populations of boar there so how come we don't hear from anyone in them there parts?

    Cheers, Gerry

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    Apparently Autumnwatch on BBC 2 at 8p.m. tonight will be in the Forest of Dean looking for boar.

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    There are Boar in many areas of Kent, but the largest population is on the Kent/Sussex border near a village called Peasmarsh. The population figures I have been told is in excess of 400 this is information given to me by a guy who has studied them since they arrived after the hurricane in 1987.

    People do shoot them in the area, but it is tied up and the vast majority of Boar are in a forestry wood, and also Mr Paul Mcartney also has a large area right in the middle of it all!!!

    There are also Wild Boar near Ashford, the nucleus I believe originate from a private zoo nearby, however these have hybridised with all sorts of pigs, and they are not pure bred.

    Across the greater part of the Wield of Kent you might come across Wild Boar, although to my knowledge they are thinly spread in some areas.
    Defra will have serious problems trying to eradicate then if this is the course of action they choose In my mind its too late for that, and I for one hope they increase, I have them on my ticket for 3 calibres I own, and I look forward to meeting up with one soon.

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    I have been stalking on a farm near Broad Oak Brede in Kent for fallow and the evidence of Boar was everywhere. I tried to get parmanent permission on it but the farmer had the place up for sale and did not want to allow anyone on the land.
    Malc, This chap that has studied the boar. Is it Ian from woodchurch?

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    No, but I know of him and he knows of me, we have spoken on the phone a couple of times. The guy I know fairly well is called Derek, he also knows Ian.

    For some time we thought Boar where in a certain forest near Canterbury, but although we saw suspicious signs, there has been no conclusive evidence to say they are there. However anywhere across the Weald you will find Boar, although they hate disturbance and generally move on, they are not fond of heavily keepered areas where there is a great deal of Pheasant shooting. The rut is usually December into January I believe.

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    I only wondered. I used to know Ian well and used to supply him with Trout for his fishery in Woodchurch. (I am a fish farmer) I think he started off shooting them and then realised that he could get more money out of filming them and I believe he sold some footage for the BBC on a number of occasions.

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    Do you know Mr Watts who also runs a coarse fishery in south east kent?

    He has stalked with me a number of times, and is also in a syndicate I formed.

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    To be honest, I know of him rather than know him personally. He is down near Deal isn't he. I seem to deliver all of my carp to Yorkshire now rather than around Kent and we have not done Trout for about 6 years so I lose touch with alot of the Kent fisheries.

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    When we were in Dorset last weekend I stalked with a nice chap Saturday morning who had some boar stalking down there he shoots a few but nowt as big as what we have had up here.

    give me a ring when you want to come and try for one.


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    Wayne, there seems to be a demarcation line in Doset where they seem to stop - we had one early this year on Powerstock and they apparently get them to the West of there, but not sure if any are shot to the East of that.
    It took two to lift it onto the quad, but it was nowhere near as big as the one in your photo !

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