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Thread: Deer Grazer mix??

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    Deer Grazer mix??

    I have obtained a couple of fields for use as long as we want, they are currently grass used for haymaking, they are adjacent to a small wood where there are Fallow and the odd Roe. Very occasionally i have seen Fallow on our field and would like to plant something for the deer to graze on, sort of like a cover crop for Pheasants.
    Bushwear do offfer a deer grazer crop mix but it is expensive an I dont know of it works, Anyone got any suggestions as to what we should drill?

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    Clover (white & red), try a small area of alfalfa (check soil type) and any wild meadow mix.

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    Try chicory I am told deer will come from miles for it.

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    white clover very good as is the red but the red is only short term a long term fix would be kings deer lawn ,beter in second year as the chickory come on try a few diferant mixs kale rape buckweat and chickory experiment good luck .

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    Hi Fox Slayer, whats Kings Deer lawn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiron View Post
    Try chicory I am told deer will come from miles for it.
    this is very true, since we had it in our game crops we have twice the deer.

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    look at kings cover crops its a mix designed for deer ,it has about 20 differant herbs peranial grasses and suger rich and palatible grasses chickory and clovers the clover is a nitriogen producer so no or very little fertiliser is needed it is very good cheers

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    Had great success with kings deer mix infact i have had a look at mine this morning, most of the chickory leaf which was just starting to develop has been eaten off already!
    For best results and weed control, i found topping a couple of times thoughout the summer gives best results

    posted this before but this is what you end up with

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