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    Evening guys,

    I was wondering if there are any benefits from using other varities of bullets such as the plastic tipped ones, hollow point, soft points for shooting deer. i have only used the 100g soft point .243 federal ones for reds and roe.i am wondering weather i should be using something different for deer? advice would be greatly apprecited.

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    All depends if the rounds you are using do the job?

    if not, what is the problem you are having?

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    I dont know if you reload or not? But have a look at Terminal Ballistics Research on the net. Nathan who runs the sites has given me so much advice, trust me I thought I knew loads about reloading and all that goes with it, turns out I knew alot lot lot less more than I thought, that includes alot of what I was told on this and other sites...or give him an email.....nice bloke.....kinda the Bamba Gascoinge/Oppemheimer or reloading....

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