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Thread: are there deer here?

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    are there deer here?

    I stalk in a small woodland (10acres) and one adjacent field, its about 20mins drive away for a ten min stalk, so I ahve planted a 'smartcam' which is a battery operated camera, which, when I send a text to, it sends me back a text picture of what it can see.
    I have only installed this two weeks ago and no deer yet, but this morning got this shot, what do you think? are there 6 fallow here? Click image for larger version. 

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    Only if you paint them on the lens

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    I would get a trail cam that is triggered by movement.

    Difficult to say what it is in the picture, could be a bunch of Fallow i guess.

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    What make is the camera? I can't tell what it is the picture.

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    I have a couple of trail cams, but this one sends me a picture message in real time, so I know whether to head out there or not.
    Its a smartcam from Quasar UK. it has a PIR detector but its really meant for detecting people 10ft in front.

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    Inconclusive from the picture, why not go to the location and look for any obvious sign of the deer,e.g. tracks, hair, droppings or chewed vegetation. atb Tim

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    I guess you could have taken the time to check in person if it's only a few minutes away..... Then you would know. If nothing there , then you could check the area for droppings etc. simples !

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    Simple answer , no. Photo implant. Sun is shadowing towards the camera but is on the breasts of the images.

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    Smart bit of kit how far from the wood is the camera set ?

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    The camera is about 40 yards from the wood edge. there are signs of activity. the camera is only 640x480, which is low res but when you consider it has to MMS this out this does consume approx 15KB per MMS. you can see at

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