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Thread: what was your introduction to shooting / first gun

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    what was your introduction to shooting / first gun

    i think i was 8 when my dad bought me a diana SP50 airpistol , for plinking in the back garden

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    Mine was the gun on the right........

    Tim .243

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    Was actually thinking about this one when the Airgun Ban was being discussed.

    Mine was a .177 Gat? gun. The barrel was pushed back into the mechanism and popped out when the trigger was pulled. The box showed a graphic that it could fire darts.

    The end was recessed so that corks could be pushed in to be fired also.

    Ownership was short lived however. My friend , safe in the knowledge that it was not loaded, held it close to his sisters chin and pulled the trigger! He failed to realise that a 2"" gap from her chin was insufficient as 3" of barrel popped out!!

    My friend and I are 2 reasons why they should be banned. Albeit some 45 years to late!!

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    About 9/10 years old diana air rifle I used to keep the pigeons at bay in the garden, the seed was planted and had the passion from that day on.

    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    First air rifle was a BSA, first centrefire was a Lee Enfield No4 with the army cadets, followed closely by the Bren!

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    I also started with a gat gun when I was about 7. Brand new off my uncle for christmas with a full set of corks and darts. The darts would only stick in stuff from 6 foot away, after they they turned side ways. I also drew first blood with it, a spuggie off the shed roof, I don't know how I did it as you had to aim 7" to left and 2" low to hit a tin can at 10 yards.

    Cheers. Matt.

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    single barrel hammer .410
    around 7-8 I think.

    walked up rough shooting, remember beating one of Dad's friend's to a crossing pheasant. My first.

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    My first ever rifle was late last spring when I bought myself an air rifle. First powder burner was end of Jan this year but before that had shot rifles with cadets etc and mates airguns/ shotguns over the years.

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    a friend took me to shoot some rabbits with a .22 theoben fenman when i was 14. eventually bought the fenman from him and shot many more with it

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    First ever was a Webley Tempest air pistol my Father had, We would shoot tin cans in the back garden.

    First I ever owned was a Gat gun, then a BSA supersport air rifle in.177 then a Weihrauch hw77K in .22, awesome bunny basher!
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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