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Thread: 19 month Black and White Springer bitch for sale

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    19 month Black and White Springer bitch for sale

    This is a cut and paste from an add I placed this morning in the local paper.
    If anyone from SD is interested you will notice that I am up near Aberdeen ,north east Scotland !lol Her ped is Badgercourt almost right through .

    Brenna ,19 month Springer bitch ,KC reg ,docked and micro chipped.
    gamekeeper trained and used for beating and dogging in. works well to the whistle ,retrieves to hand ,lefts/rights etc.
    As usual ,she loves company and being out with you all the time .Lives outside(has done all her life ).
    Would suit anyone with regular days during the season .Not sure she would like to be in the house ?but you never know ??
    If you work with her during the summer ,you would have a100% shooting dog for the next ten years !


    Come and see her anytime !

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    The dog has now been sold
    Thankyou all who had an interest.

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