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Thread: Best way to extract blood from a deer/boar

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    Best way to extract blood from a deer/boar

    I was reading the previous thread and realized that I have tried several diferent methods in order to get the blood from a dead animal, but probably, as a "self trained blood collector" not getting the maximum quantity of it.

    Someone could tell us which is the most useful/appropiate way to do it?

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    i found after a neck shot beast a long blade above the breastbone it needs to be around 5 inches to be successfull but have a tub ready because it doesnt half pour out quick . you can kneal on the ribs with the front leg pushed up,hope this helps wayne
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    Also bleed at the neck under the chin, there is quite a bit in there.

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    th32 , hello. the best way to collect blood , from any deer is to suspend the carcase , ok with roe , munties , for the larger, species use a gambrel and pulley system .Or do it back at the larder if you use one, when suspended pots ready, to catch the blood , push your knife in where the sternum meets the neck, gravity does the rest. No salt , or sugar required , use a plastic tub that seals so it can be frozen as is. Store the same animals feet , head or skin , all in one bag . To reuse when defrosted get a small hand whisk for the blood the clotted lumps are not a prob after a good whisk around, Don't use salt etc as this causes an unnatural taste and scent in the blood, If I can give any more help i will just give me a PM, hope this helps. Regards , Widu.

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    Usually, I was getting it from a cut in the neck. Sometimes, I have to do it on the ground, IŽll try mereside advice kneeling on the ribs, etc. If I can suspend the carcase I will try widu advice.

    I freeze the blood in max.100-120ml pots, which is the quantity I use in each track, therefore no need to freeze it again. Never used salt ...

    Thanks for your advices mates.

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    Head or neak shot animal... I usually bring 2 2 litre bottles with me and have them in the landy. I cut one in half making a cup.
    I start with a cut above the sternum putting the cup under to collect as much as possible. Kneeling on the chest cavity helps aswell as was mentioned already.
    I then pour this into the bottle. Put that aside for the minute. Then when you have the animal gralloched there will be a bit more in the cavity...scoop this out with the half bottle and pour into the other bottle.
    When I'm home I get the GENERALS food processor out to the shed and give it a quick whisk to get rid of the lumps. Let the bubbles settle a bit and then pour into small squeeze bottles. (i have a sister working for a pharmaceutical company and she gets me these bottles,they are very handy)
    Stick the cap on them and throw in the freezer. Job done.
    Clean the processor before she sees it.
    This is the method that works best for me


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