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    Help please.

    Just got my copy of modern gamekeeping, on the front over is the new shooting program on the web.
    But I can not for the life of me find it on the net.
    The address is it was meant to be on at 6.30 tonight, am I doing something wrong or is it not there ?
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    Tried it, no luck for me either!

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    doesn't look like the websites been uploaded fully yet mate you'll have to try it later or tomorrow

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    Just looked at the paper again they give two different addresses, hence my edit, one is and the other is just
    It is meant to be in partnership with Blaze publishing, if they don't know the address what hope have we got ?

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    just looked on their facebook page and it said that "once the website becomes live" which suggests its still under construction as this was posted an hour ago

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    Haha, what a bunch of muppets at Blaze they have printed the wrong address in their own mag.

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    Not working for me!

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    Sorry folks, if you're finding it frustrating imagine how I feel - we've got a great show all ready, upload it to youtube and the timer spins and spins and spins.... Processing... Still processing... Bloody computers! We're still trying to get it sorted, bear with us, and hopefully you'll think it was worth the wait!

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    ok james will wait with baited breath lol
    Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser

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    Really looking forward to it, can't imagine how annoying it must be for it all to be ready then not work .

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