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    I also passed my dsc1 last weekend at bardwell many thanks to Hugh rose and Dave goffin my head is still thumping, also cheers to nick rout and thanks to mick(monkey spanker) I have seen the light with the 4 poles system.also hi to all on the course Barry (baz)

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    well done i did mine at bardwell a couple of years ago
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    Well done on passing but who are you? IE introduction! Did MS give you any rubbers for the poles?

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    Well done on the level 1, now how about a bit of an introduction

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    well done Bazil.

    Welcome and crack on and let us know more about you,

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    Sorry about that how rude, I'm bazil I work for the local council as a tree surgeon,I've been shooting since I was 7years old so that's 41 years god that's along time but I love it, me&my better half work our cockers in the season near home,I do a lot of roost shooting,i also use my dogs for Deer stalking,I'm now learning to let them do what they do best not what I try to tell to do, to answer the M S question no but I got the wrong size no probs,I hope this is ok ,cheers bazil

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