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Thread: The new B D S mag

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    The new B D S mag

    Its good to see the north west branch of the bds have a good calander of events this year as seen in the book or not how come all the other branches can fill a page with there forth coming events but not the north west branch.its no wonder that no body turns up to support the ranges days and the level 1 days etc .what do others north west members think

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    One question
    How much support hav you put in to your branch to make a revelant difference??

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    BDS branches are only as good as the people who are prepared to give up their time to run events.

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    They are a club which is member orientated
    Now where is the member participation

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone View Post
    One question
    How much support hav you put in to your branch to make a revelant difference??
    I have atteneded most days that have been arranaged over the last 2.1/2 years but the support is not good .my point is if poeple dont know when things are on then they will not turn up to support .the N W branch have got some good people who run the days .ie mr bowker mr cole etc

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    All dates should be on the BDS website

    And are currently as follows
    2012 Programme

    Sunday June 24th.
    Range Day. Over Kellet. 9-30 Start.

    Sunday July 22nd.
    Range Day. Over Kellet. 9-30 Start.

    Sunday August 19th.
    Range Day. Over Kellet 9-30 Start.

    Sunday September 9th.
    Range Day. Grayrigg. 9-30 Start.

    Sunday November 18th.
    Carcass Handling and Butchery Demo.
    Over Kellet. 9-30 Start. Tel 01524 823127 for details.

    Friday November 30th.
    Stalkers Evening.
    Carnforth Railway Club. 8-00pm.
    Details to be arranged.

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    I agree why not post dates in magazine,may have a problem on the 24th June its our wedding aniversary only 40yrs though should be down hill now. Dave.

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    The branch programme is, as SRVET has kindly posted, online on the NW BDS Branch home page.

    There will be planned, other events, which will be placed into the programme, Deer journal, is an excellent medium to read of events which, have taken place. There is also the branch magazine, which is posted quarterly (hard copy and via e-mail) to NW branch members.

    As far as I recall, I recieved notification of several branch events last year, but due to work and family was unable like many others to attend.

    It is an age old problem getting people to attend events regardless of what they are - remember that the BDS isnt just about deer management and stalking, I would hazzard a guess that 50% of members have no interest in shooting at all.

    Branch events need to cater for all, if the rifle practice shoots are not well attended, does this reflect the membership, or does it reflect the organisers, or both..?

    What events would be well attended?

    What events would members like to see in the programme?


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