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Thread: Hi All, From New West Midlands based member

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    Hi All, From New West Midlands based member

    Hi all,
    Just a quick intro, my name is Mark, I have 30 years ofcompeditive shooting experience at county and national, mainly 0.22 smallboreprone and fullbore target rifle, but Iíve also shot 10m match air rifle andcrossbow as well.
    I started stalking with a freind two years ago and gothooked...currently using a customised howa in .243 and .308 for stalking, withmy own handloads as I've handloaded 1000 yard 308 for 20+ years.
    I currently have the lease on 500 acres of woodland 20 milesnorth of Dumfries which i use as oftern as I can but I'm also looking forsomewhere more local in the Worcestershire area if possible?

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    Welcome Mark,

    Good to see another shooter from the midlands.



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    Welcome to the forum,

    Seems a few from the midlands now.

    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Much appreciated gentlemen, thanks to John, PJ and Daz for the welcome.



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    Welcome to the forum, sounds like you are after some reloading tips!!
    Possibly some shooting tips too.
    Think that you are a valuable addition to the forum, and I will be picking your brains for 1000yd 308 recipies soon.

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    Welcome to the site from me too mark, but whatever you do don't start any threads with the title "1000yd Roebuck"

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    Hi Prometheus,

    "1000 yrd" Roebuck still smiling over that one, the longest shot on my usual patch is circa 100 yards due the dense woodland and use of firebreaks etc and the fact i'm happy with my ability to shoot offhand at that distance....

    my 308 target rifles either my musgrave or RPA happly hold 1MOA all day long at 1000 yards if i do my part i.e. hold, handloads, wind, light and mirage etc....but hardly sporting is it...

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