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Thread: A Bad Experience at Mallard Barn

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    A Bad Experience at Mallard Barn

    A Bad Experience at Mallard Barn
    My two sons and me went stalking at Ampton a state rented by a hunting company called Mallard Barn near Bury St Edmunds, we went 3 afternoon outings with a young game keeper who wasnít really helpful.
    In the first evening one of my sons shot a really nice trophy of roe deer 15 minutes after we started stalking, when we were taking the photos of my son the game keeper asked me: Would you like me to cut the heads? And I answered Yes please. So because my back hurtled me so much I told him if could go to a high seat.
    So we went onto a high seat and my other son shot another big roe buck. When the gamekeeper came to pick us up from the high seat he saw the roe buck ask us again Would like me to cut the head? So I answered Yes please all this happened the first day we went stalking Saturday 14th of April and he asked me Are you going to pay now? I answered I will pay everything on Monday if its ok, so he said it was ok.
    Sunday afternoon we went again and one of my sons missed a roe deer and the other one shot a Muntjack and after we took the photos he asked me again would like me to cut the head? And I said yes please after I answer him he told me to pay now because his boss was waiting for the money.
    Monday afternoon we went again a we met with the game keeper and he told us he had to feed their dogs so we would have to go directly to a high seat. We shot another roe buck, which was the smallest of three days. Then he came to pick us up and ask us the same question would you like me to cut the head? And I answered yes so I told him if could get all the heads but he answered No you cant you will to come on week day to get them if you want them clean. Also he asked me for the money again and I paid him.
    On Friday of the same week I contacted the gamekeeper to ask him I could pick up the heads so he told its ok if you come at 5.00pm. So when we arrived there nobody was there and some kind of farmer told us, your heads are in that plastic bag in the middle of the parking so looked inside the bag and I only saw 2 of the four we shot. So I instantly called the head gamekeeper to see what was going with the other 2 heads so he told me we lost the heads? So I said WHAT? He answered called the boss and he will tell you exactly happened.
    So I called the boss Peter I ask him the gamekeeper just told me you have lost the bigger heads of my sons- he answered no havenít lost them the gamekeeper who went with you forgot about of cutting the heads on Saturday and the butcher came and took both deer and incinerated both heads so we cant do nothing about it
    I answered: Of course you can do something and is letting my two sons shoot another deer at Ampton, free because its not my problem that you lost the heads is your fault.
    He instantly said: No what do you think I am going to let them shoot another deer free? You have the pleasure to stalk at my state and to shoot that is what you are paying for not for the trophy.
    So I told him: I just donít want the trophy to see how big it is, its for when my sons see it they will think of the trip we did of three days with their dad. Also there is no pleasure of stalking at your rented state because I am paying for it and you havenít invited me and you are also playing with my sonís illusions
    That is what I said and he immediately hanged up the telephone.
    Then I realised all this happened on Sunday morning, they didnít told us what happened neither on Sunday or Monday and not even when I called him on Friday morning when I called him to pick the heads up. Also I realised he wanted the money early before I found out.
    I also called him again the same night he told me he couldnít talk he will send me an email. I am still waiting for that email.
    I have treated with may different huntingís companies all around the world and nothing compared with that has ever happen to me.
    I am telling you this because if you ever go to that place you will know with what kind of people you are treating with.
    Think twice before you go hunting or shooting with that company because if you have a small problem you know how this people are.
    Feel free to contact


    1) My complaint is not on the estate is on the guard Lian and his boss Peter , one for not cutting off the heads and the other for failing to stand up in due course
    In no time I referred to Alan as he was on vacation

    2) Before writing in this forum and tried to fix things but the only thing I received from them two times I have cut the phone and tell me I was going to reply by email, I'm still waiting.

    3) I have read comments saying that so you can not destroy the reputation of a person and their way of life with the comments made by me, I say to those people who's reputation is earned every day and when something goes wrong you have to face the problem and provide solutions
    All sometime make mistakes, but mistakes have to solve them and face

    4) I used this forum because I felt helpless, the only way to put people in place is as telling as to when problems occur. This type of comenterios comes well to the forum. I in a few months volvere to Spain and I hope this report will serve to at least these people react,
    I take it from you when you return from Spain and if anyone ever have any issues there will help you fix it

    5) It was not the first time that I stalk in AMPTON andi t the 5 and I never have a problem


    El 23/04/2012, a las 19:01, ALVARO escribiů:

    I am sending you this email because you hanged up the telephone the second time and you havent sent me the email that you told me.

    1) I dont understand why the first time you hunged up the telephone, because i wasnt rude with you and also you repeated the same thing thing twice without letting me talk.
    2) We stalked 3 days in Ampton and the roe buks which are missing my sons shot them on the first day. Why nobody told the heads of the roes were incinerated in the next two days we were stalking? Even this morning i called Liam to tell him i wanted to go to pick up the heads, he didnt told me anything about the heads.
    You as responsible of your company knew that the heads were incinerated on Sunday, why you didnt called me? At least you should have called me before i went Ampton to pick up the heads, when i was there i was suposed to have a meeting with Alan and he didnt show up. There was a guy and he told me the heads were in a bag in the middle parking.
    I have been working with a lot of hunting companies and this has never happen to anyone that i know.
    3) The response you gave me this evening about what are you going to fix the damage was unbelivable telling me THAT I HAVE THE PLESSURE TO STALK IN AMPTON there no plessure becuase you havent invited me I pay to stalk in your rented state.
    4.) I dont know with what kind of people do you usually treat with, you have been unpolite and rude.
    5) I dont understand how in four days you havent called to say what happened , to aplogise ,about and give me a solution and instead you let me find out this evening at 5pm. If you run your bussines like that, you are not going to be much longer in this bussines.
    6.) i will write an article and i will publish it in as many places I can , so everyone can know with what people and company they are treating with. Also if can i will take legal actions

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    Sounds like somewhere to avoid !
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I have been there for a long weekend, four times I think now. It has always been great. Plenty of deer around, everyone gets a fair chance. Peter, Alan and the rest of the keepers have always been very good.

    I think our party whacked 70 muntjac over a weekend in February.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Did you discuss trophy fees beforehand or just price to stalk and cull deer? If no trophy service was offered or implied then I can't see that you have been seen off? Another perfect example of why it is important to discuss and fully understand Exactly what you are paying for Beforehand! At least then you could demand a refund! Sad story though.

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    sorry you and your sons had such a poor experience. but thanks for the warning. i dont know these people so cant comment further than that. hopefully you will find a better stalk in the future.

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    Don't know anything about this place nor what went wrong, but detect a slightly worrying trend, there have been a few posts lately complaining of bad deals made by people who seem to have joined the site for the sole purpose of complaining.

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    Ms I think his problem was they offered to do the heads as most people do, then didn,t do it. People on here should not be so defensive they fxxxxd up and that's a they put it right is what matters.

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    Don't know anything about this place nor what went wrong, but detect a slightly worrying trend, there have been a few posts lately complaining of bad deals made by people who seem to have joined the site for the sole purpose of complaining.
    +1, this has been posted twice tonight, maybe not enough interest the first time around.

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    I was paying for the stalk and for every deer I shot

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