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Thread: First time hunter bags a fallow

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    First time hunter bags a fallow

    Hi all, sorry for not being around much recently, been tied up organising a 23-venue Professional Hunter's Tour for the UK. I did just want to show you this though:

    This is my pal Richard, taken on Sunday Morning. This was Richard's first outing stalking and he shot himself a nice Fallow Spiker using his .308 Rifle.

    Remember that smile anyone?

    I had to share it.

    Cheers all and best regards,

    PS. Look forward to meeting you all on the UK PH Tour!

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    Nice one Richard and no you never forget that smile

    Well done Roo

    All the best

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    Well done to you both Richard and roo
    i can't say how long the smile will last for(as yet i have nothing to smile about) but i hope it last's for ever

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    Yep I had one of those on a couple of occasions not so long ago my first Roe Buck with Stone and my first hill stalk in the Highlands with Waddas courtesy of Malc taking home a nice Red spiker
    However Fran wasn't grinning quite so much after carting it all the way to Nottingham in the back of my little golf, it stank for weeks and had to scrub it out with disinfectant twice and catch keds for days arghhhhh but it tasted wonderful

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    lol - I know what you mean about the smell - I've just been binning the bones of a few Roe Does which were boiled up for the hound - still, at least he likes the smell!

    Cheers folks

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