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Thread: Rules for "Yanks" coming over??

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    Rules for "Yanks" coming over??


    My oldest daughter will be studying abroad in 2013 and at the end of her term my wife, other 2 children, and myself plan on coming over for a 3-4 week holiday. During this time I hope to get in a stalk or two (or three) for both myself and my 17 year old son. We are both accomplished hunters (having taken deer, bear, turkey, wildfowl, etc...) with both archery and firearm (although I understand that archery is not permitted for hunting)

    What rules of training/safety certification will we need to abide by? Will we need to take any sort of tests, etc... What will be necessary to let an estate or guides rifle? I have several of my own, but don't want to even think about the red tape to bring one over and then drag it with as we travel.

    Just trying to get an idea in advance so we can do this right.


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    Just turn up.

    Most places will require you to have insurance and prove you can shoot but that is all

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    Things will only start to get complicated if you want to bring your own rifles. Most if not all places you pay to shoot in the U.K. are very used to loaning rifles to visiting guests. Don't let them try and charge you for its use though, it's illegal, they can only charge you for ammo. You will need to prove you can shoot and although they should have their own insurance, make sure you have your own as well. My own hit rate is with guests is 1x buck for every 2-3 stalks so get in as many sessions as you can. What species do you want to shoot?

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    Many of my clients have been from America, and if you intend on bringing your own firearms you will need someone to sponsor you (i.e. sporting agent, outfitter, guide) they will need to apply to their local police for a Visitors Firearms Permit. You will need to supply full personal details, including the name and address of your doctor. Make, calibre, serial number and amount of ammo you are bringing over. You will also need to produce proof that you shoot and hunt in the States (i.e. state hunting permit, SCI membership) you must also have no criminal record.

    Your sponsor will need to pay £12 and once the Visitors Permit is issued he will send it to you. You must have this on your person on entry and exit from the UK.

    If you do not intend bringing a weapon into the UK then you may use an Estate Rifle. This is a weapons registered to the landowner or lease holder which he/she may let you use under their guidance and they must be with you at all times. Be careful as some people think that because their friend holds the hunting rights, that they can use their rifle with an over seas person, whilst they may be able to stalk on the ground they are not the landowner or named lease holder of the land. This is illegal and if you are caught you will almost certainly be prosecuted.

    Just turning up with a weapon, or expecting to go stalking without some forward planning is not advisable.

    Hope this helps.
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    Teyhan1 not that I charge for the use of my rifle but I was wondering if you could point me to the legislation that says it is illegal to charge for the use of an estate rifle?

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    Having had several American friends over to shoot, you've been given some good advice.

    Sikamalc describes the vistor permit process very well and it may be tempting to see that (provided you meet the necessary conditions) this is a fairly easy way of bringing over one of your own guns and that you (and your son) will enjoy stalking much more with a rifle that you are familiar with.

    However, if you are planning on travelling around a little over those few weeks, I strongly recommend following the advice to use an estate rifle. Unfortunately, the UK has become extremely sensitive about firearms and as such, travelling with a rifle has to be done very carefully (both to meet legal requirements and avoid triggering public fears) and will seriously cramp the wider enjoyment of your holiday.

    Please don't let this give you the wrong impression - I'm sure you will have a very warm welcome amongst those you stalk with and amongst the wider shooting community, and you can always count on help and support from SD. Stalking the British way is a great experience and you will have some wonderful memories and perhaps a trophy or two.

    Have a great time in (at least today) these wet and windy isles.

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    If you want to bring your own rifle ,as well as the information sikamalc has stated you will need, when I have applied for permits for USA citizens they have also had to supply a reference from their local Chief of Police.

    As others have said there should be no charge for the use of an estate rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eggy s View Post
    Teyhan1 not that I charge for the use of my rifle but I was wondering if you could point me to the legislation that says it is illegal to charge for the use of an estate rifle?
    Not exactly sure where you will find it, but it is there ,think it was listed in the 1986 changes to the firearms act
    Its a much abused act and I know of a few that charge, you can it seems charge for the ammunition there are some that put enough charge on the ammunition to cover for the use of the rifle.

    On one of the estates where I am contracted as stalker, the clients are not charged for the rifle but the estate
    pays me a sum over the season for the use of my rifle and ammunition.

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    Blimey, In his very first post he states he does not want to get involved in the red tape or paper work required to bring his own rifle and nearly every post since has given him all the details about bringing a rifle across.
    What he asked was about 'Estate Rifles' which required the simplest of answers.
    Most Agents, if not all, have an Estate Rifle for use by guests. Some charge and some don't.
    All you need to do is get in touch with an Agent, tell them you wish to use an Estate Rifle, they will then tell you what is required, normally Insurance and a Fee.
    On arrival at the Estate you will be expected to produce proof of Insurance, shoot a test target to prove you know what you are doing, listen to a briefing of what is expected of the day and off you go and enjoy.
    This site is the place to come up with the goods.
    Once you know your UK itinerary you can plan quite easily as the members of this site cover most parts of UK and are a friendly bunch.
    Some are agents and have all the facilities to make your trip an enjoyable one.
    Good Luck on your eventual visit.

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    A lot of estates do not require insurance, as they have their own and the cost of this is incorporated in the price of the stalking. As EMcC says ring the agent and ask, or even use the internet!! This way you can print off any replies and take them with you to smooth out any minor problems you may encounter.
    Good luck and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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