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    Can anyone reccomend some good mounts (and supplier) for .222 cz american and a hawke 1 inch tube scope, but not too expensive

    looked up a past post but a very kind soul came to their aid before many replies were posted, impressive service indeed!



    p.s. I know this is in the wrong section but to save making another thread does anyone have any knocking around?


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    I am unfamiliar with that model but if it has a grooved receiver the same as the old CZ .222 that I had, I would suggest Sportsmatch. It's a British company that produces a reasonable product at a good price.
    I believe that this company actually manufacture the scope mounts for the current British army sniper rifle, but I may be wrong.
    I have a set of their rings on my .22 rifle and a set on my O/U rifle and am happy with both, and even under the recoil of a fairly heavy c/f the mounts have stayed put. Though I do intend to replace the rings on the double rifle as soon as I can source the correct swing off mounts for the rifle.

    Sportsmatch can be picked up in just about every good gun dealer's in the U.K. and on ebay.

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