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Thread: Roe stalking scotland

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    Roe stalking scotland

    i am looking to put the feelers out for the possibility of a couple of evenings roe stalking around glasgow or edinburgh regions. There is a good possibility i will be scheduled on some projects that will see me over in these ares for a few days at a time in the next month or so. i would like to investigate the possibilities of fitting in a couple of stalks in the evening as opposed to spending the night in the hotel etc.

    I am not interested in trophies or carcasses and would ideally like just to get out and to be honest i dont mind if it is only as an observer


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    contact DV sporting, he has land below Edinbro.

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    +1 for DV Sporting, he has a lot of land and plenty roe.


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    ask him to take you to Jurassic park, 1000 acres all deer fenced, trouble is they forgot to remove the deer before the fence was put up,

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    I have some stalking in d&g near to ferry ter pm me for details....

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    thanks for replies and PM's


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