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Thread: Experience with Swarovski TDS 4I Reticle.

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    Experience with Swarovski TDS 4I Reticle.

    Re: Experience with Swarovski TDS 4I Reticle.
    Hi All,
    Have any of you good folk got experience with the Swarovski TDS 4I Reticle.
    I own a Swarovski Z6i in 2-12X50mm and use Norma 120grain ballistic tip ammunition in a 6.5x55mm.

    After consulting the Swarovski website and entering relevant data the came back with
    Figures that correspond the first crosshair being 100m zero range 2nd Crosshair 199m, 3rd 296m and so on up to 500m.

    I zeroed the rifle at 100m and tried it out at 200m and 300m and it was unbelievably accurate.

    Seeing is believing I was really impressed while out hunting on open ground I ranged a red stag at 305m I placed the third Reticle on the deer’s heart dropped the hammer and watched him drop like a stone just before the recoil took over.

    Is there anymore fans of this fabulous scope out there.



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    Glendine, I have the same scope (z6 non IR) with the TDS4. Mine is on a 260rem shooting the same 120gr bullet, probably at the same speed. As you say, it is a brillant job. I have shot a Sika with the thrid bar at just over 300 yards, placement was spot on. I was shooting at steel plates just last night at 375 yards.

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