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Thread: Dilemma.

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    On Thursday I am needing to go to the London area and staying overnight. On the Friday I was hoping to stop by my permission on the way home and look for a buck. Obviously I would need to take my rifle so my question is:

    Do I leave my rifle locked in the car overnight at the hotel or actually take it into the hotel with me?

    I'm loathe to leave it in the car as you just never know and I equally would feel uncomfortable advertising the fact I have a rifle with me in the hotel. It goes without saying the bolt and ammunition would be seperate from the rifle.

    What would you do or what have you done in the past?

    All advice appreciated.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    I would take it into the hotel mate I have a rectagle shaped plastic case not gun shaped
    it could be anything. i was once asked on a london railway station what it was (by a member of the public
    I just said mesureing equipment
    ATB Graham
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    Check in and find your room. Go back to the car and then take your rifle, in its slip already wrapped in a bin liner, to the room. No mention of what is in the package.



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    I usually lock the bolt in the car and take the rifle and ammo into the hotel room with me (as discretly as possible). If you have to leave the hotel room for a short period (like to eat in the hotel restaurant) then make sure the rifle is out of sight in the room and take the ammo and your FAC with you. That way bolt, ammo and rifle are as separate and as safe as 'reasonably practicable' and therefore you have satisfied your obligations under the firearms act.

    must at all times be stored securely so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, access by unauthorised persons.

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    chain and lock in the boot, bolt and mag with you in the room.

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    +1 one with PKL (well almost, I'm sure he intended to put chain and lock rifle in boot )
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Get an old mil surplus ammo box and drill across the top (if you want some photos of what I did let me know and I will take some) through the sides of the box and also through the lid. Then put one of those big long padlocks you can get through this hole. Put your ammo and bolt into this box and chain it to some pipework in the room. Pretty much as safe as you will get and only costs a few quid plus a few minutes with the drill.

    Lock your rifle in its case, if you have a hard case for it, and chain it to some other pipework in the room.

    That way you have secured both key working parts separately to permanent fixings in a locked room and I feel pretty sure that you could make a good argument for having taken all reasonable precautions.

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    I come to London regularly with my rifle and have never had a problem, save for the Hilton at Heathrow, who called the Police! As othere have said, keep the bolt and ammumition seperate: lock them in the safe. Store your rifle under the bed or put it in the wardrobe.

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    What are you doing travelling with only one rifle


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    One's enough..........................most of the time!

    All the best


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