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Thread: Snow jacket

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    Snow jacket

    Sick of keeping B&Q in business buying their white disposable painters cover ups ! Looking for a white, three qurter length ( waterproof ? ) jacket that I can carry and put on as required. Looking around there are full jackets available from the likes of Deerhunter etc but I just want something I can throw in the back of the argo and use as required.

    Any ideas, contacts.................?

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    i know its not waterproof but with nickwax could be,
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    Buy a lab coat, not water proof but get one big enough and wear summit waterproof underneath.
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    I got a set of white painters overalls, got some black and green spray paint, and went to work, wasn't over excessive with the paint.

    Result, a set of overalls that I will wear over my stalking clothing. Jobs-a-good 'un!

    Total cost less than 20

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    Hadn't seen the army smock before....... perfect ! There's a fantastic surplus store in Preston and I am down there next week so will pop in. Cheers guys.

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    The beauty of the Army surplus is they are ultra light and allows some colour from your undergarment to show through. Essential for camouflage! Not waterproof though but you wear it over your normal gear.

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    Try a white agricultuiral spray operators coverall quite a bit tougher and probably cheaper than B&Q . I get mine from Strauss workwear.

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    Just a tip.
    The army snow jacket is a very long type, the draw cords at the base are to fasten around each leg, and not the waist. This gives the effect of a smock with shorts attached if you get my drift.

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    The real deal .

    Or there's a white lab coat .

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