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Thread: Mauser and mosin scopes from ww2 era

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    Mauser and mosin scopes from ww2 era


    NO, proper introduction or you are banned

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    other than being seriously expensive I suspect you are about to get your collar felt for your first post being an ad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    other than being seriously expensive I suspect you are about to get your collar felt for your first post being an ad!
    On what planet...

    The PU scope IS a bit on the high side, the others - very, very low, esp. the Zf39
    Worryingly low -as in - scam prices perhaps?

    Why is a poster from Liverpool advertising in US dollars? My 2cents would be on a scam/spoof, but I may be wrong!!


    edit: is on 90% of the shooting sites and military sites selling rare and much sought after SS daggers, SS helmets, etc.
    Google search him....the prices are LOW for what he is supposed to be selling, IF the items are genuine AND they exist...which I now have no doubt that they DO NOT.
    Either the OP is a young Scouse chap that has just inherited an elderly relatives extesive collection, or he is presently sitting in an internet cafe in one of the African states notorious for scammers and illegal web frauds.

    Happy to be proved wrong!
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    may be wrong but three of those scopes are on German eBay and they didnt get $400 when they sold.
    more like €150-200.

    I still wouldnt have been inclined to contact him on the whole "Scouser selling stuff in dollars" thing

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    Please be aware the thread starter is a known scammer and has been at it for years. His real name is Pawel Nowak and he operates from many locations and goes by many pseudonyms. As a note to the site staff, I would advise banning this member and blocking his IP address.

    His normal MO is to trawl through members profiles on forums such as this, gather email addresses and then email them with offers of rare items at extremely low prices. PLEASE BE AWARE THIS SELLER DOES NOT OWN ANY OF THE ITEMS HE WILL TRY AND SELL YOU. He steals images of said items from the internet, makes out they're his and he wants to sell them quickly. Unfortunately many people get taken in and lose thousands of /$/€ due to naivety.

    He is well known in militaria collecting circles and evidence is being gathered about him which will hopefully lead to a prosecution. Please do not respond if he contacts you.

    I am a Moderator on a militaria collecting forum and speak with experience of the aftermath of his scams and from answering the same questions about this person over and over. If anyone wants to contact me for clarification of my statement then please feel free or perhaps Google 'Pawel Nowak'.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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