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Thread: Animal cruelty rises in the UK,

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    Animal cruelty rises in the UK,

    and we think we have a hard time on the dole, etc.

    just read it on the Yahoo front page, but the links not working.

    so here is the write up.

    The number of people convicted of cruelty and neglect to animals rose by nearly a quarter last year.
    Figures from the RSPCA also show a 27% increase in prison sentences imposed by the courts.
    Inspector Tony Woodley, from the charity, told Sky News: "Unfortunately what our statistics for 2011 tell us is that there has been a rising tide of animal cruelty and welfare problems across the board.
    "That's dogs, cats, horses and farm animals."
    The RSPCA has seen a big increase in the number of calls they are receiving, up 13% on last year to 1.3 million. They investigated 160,000 complaints about animal welfare.
    "People are taking on animals when they shouldn't," said Mr Woodley.
    "There's often a change in circumstances and perhaps because of the financial situation we're getting a lot of abandoned animals. People are perhaps not putting their animals as a priority."
    As a result, the RSPCA says it is now struggling to deal with the increased workload. It looks after 120,000 animals a year, but is also taking out a growing number of private convictions against individuals.
    Mr Woodley explained: "We offer advice, and we offer warning notices. Warning notices can be very effective.
    "It is legal advice people must follow and we find in 90% of cases people do follow it. But we do also have to take legal action. Where animals are intentionally harmed for pleasure or for cruelty, we will find those people and we will prosecute them."
    Recent convictions include a man from Leyburn in North Yorkshire who set two dogs upon a snared fox forcing it to fight for its life.
    The whole thing was filmed on a mobile phone and he was jailed for 16 weeks by Northallerton Magistrates Court.
    There has been a 22% rise in convictions involving dogs. The number of successful cases involving horses has risen from 386 to 428.
    The RSPCA says it currently has over 500 horses in its care and it is becoming a huge drain on resources. The animals are often abandoned because people can't afford the vets' bills.
    Chief executive Gavin Grant said: "The RSPCA faces a crisis that is stretching us to breaking point. We need the courts and councils, police and people who care to join us in standing up and getting justice for Britain's abused animals."
    Farm animals are also subject to increased cruelty, according to the statistics. Last week two abbatoir workers pleaded guilty to welfare offences after their cruelty was exposed in a Sky News investigation .
    There have also been some amazing stories of survival including a lurcher-type dog which survived against all the odds after two men broke her back and stabbed her with a potato peeler before dumping her and leaving her to die.
    It is a worrying trend that this nation of animal lovers appears to be causing them so much distress.

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    Actually what the statistics actually confirm is that the RSPCA has spent millions of pounds in recent years on getting many more convictions because it is good publicity and gets the coffers filled.

    I read an report on the financials of it all and whilst I forget the actual percentage of money spent of pursuing convictions over education, awareness, welfare, shelters/sanctuaries etc etc but it is up around 70%.

    Even the Police are keen to spend more time educating for the long term benefits!

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    Local sanctuary here is always complaining about lack of funds and how they struggle to meet space demands........they've just taken in 5 dogs from Romania!
    Below is a link to my website.
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    On the upside, at least Horsemeat is selling better these days. This should help offset their costs and reduce the numbers of horses and ponies that owners can no longer afford to keep.

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    Saw the RSPCA on both South Today and Breakfast Telly. My thoughts were that they want more money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by techman View Post
    Saw the RSPCA on both South Today and Breakfast Telly. My thoughts were that they want more money.
    of course they do.
    how else would they afford the legal bills from cock ups like this:

    BBC News - RSPCA face legal bill after losing battle over will

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    Actually I would be surprised in incidents didn't increase in numbers. Just look at the population growth. More people .......................... make that many more people equals more problems. of course this would never be mentioned as it does not suit their cause.

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    Typical sales pitch when they are looking for cash.I dont believe a word that comes from them and they massage the "facts" to suit themselves.

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