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Thread: Time to watch our backs

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    Time to watch our backs

    I think most people who shoot are well acquainted with those who oppose our sport and with the fact that, as for shooting, being an "anti" comes as a lifestyle choice with a range of other "causes."

    As many will be aware probably the biggest "poster child" cause for the green lobby has been the "man made global warming" lie and there is no question that they have pushed the PC atmosphere surrounding this lie to the maximum resulting in considerable financial hardship for us all. There never was any science to support the catastrophic man made global warming lie but it wasn't PC to point out that the emperor had no clothes and so, for various reasons, the media and most politicians were dragged along by this lie without considering the details which would have enabled them to conclude for themselves that what they were hearing was simply untrue.

    However, the lie is over. The whole political situation has changed and it is becoming generally accepted that "global warming" was, basically, a pseudo-religion made up by the greens and others to increase their control and income. Everyone accepts, of course, that the climate changes and the only remarkable thing about climate change would be if it were to stop changing but, as science has been saying all along, there is no human signature detectable in this change. One of the more frightening aspects of the warming religion was they way in which it was engineered to appear as if it were scientists, as a united front, who were saying that there was man made climate change.

    The end of this lie, or pseudo-religion, is a good thing for all of us and hopefully we will soon see the end of various "green taxes" forced upon us to pay for salvation from some dreaded event that will take place in the distant future. The down side, perhaps, is that a lot of nutters who have the sort of nature that "believes in stuff" will find themselves without a big cause to fill their lives and I suspect that their nature will lead them to seek another "cause." I'm somewhat worried that a proportion of them will find themselves with even more time on their hands to direct their crazy fantasy ideals against shooting and other everyday rural events and when we consider how well they mobilised their friends for the man made warming cause it is clear to me that we might be entering a time of extreme danger for everyone living, working or enjoying their sport in rural areas.

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    interesting POV mate.

    I personally wholeheartedly and with no disrespect intended, disagree with your notion that global warming is a man made 'lie'. I think the signs of global warming are evident wherever we look, wether it be the ever diminishing ice-caps and the thousands of knock-on effects, the shrinking of the glaziers in the himalaya's,,I could keep going. There is no way you can argue it is not due to CO2 emmissions, air traffic, car traffic, waste, dumping in the oceans, over-exploitation of natural resources, etc. etc. etc.

    Whilst I am very much against strong political agenda's who as you say, usually have their own extremist interests deep at heart (and that of money of course), I do at the same time believe that it's quite an important subject, and us people need to take a long hard look at our consumption of resources, waste and biproduct disposal, etc. otherwise, as David Attenborough said so rightly about the Lyrebird in the rainforest imitating the sound of clearfelling machines as a mating,,and we, are singing the song of our own demise.

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    I have to say I appreciated the irony of the "global warming" conference a couple of years ago where it was snowing outside the window
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    I'm with Caoraoch on this warming? Yes..because we are nearing the end of the last mini-iceage. Check the SD archives in 500years as you turn your heating up a notch.
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    I believe man is making a detrimental impact on the environment and therefore we should be doing something about reducing this impact for the general good of all and for the longevity of the planet. HOWEVER I remain to be convinced that man is making as big a negative impact as being purported by the so called 'greens' of this world. Climate has always changed and has made much bigger changes in the past than we see today. Yes it would appear that the change process has speeded up but I need to be convinced it is mostly man made and not something that would have happened anyway.


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    is the growing hole in the ozone layer not proof enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    I'm with Caoraoch on this warming? Yes..because we are nearing the end of the last mini-iceage. Check the SD archives in 500years as you turn your heating up a notch.
    But are we nearing the end of an ice-age?... or heading towards another one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    is the growing hole in the ozone layer not proof enough?
    You do know it is "growing" smaller now, don't you? .... or don't you?

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    And he is referring to the ozone hole not making a personal observation
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