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Thread: Meindl Dovre "V" Chameau Mouflon Plus

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    Meindl Dovre "V" Chameau Mouflon Plus

    I'm sure a best boots thread has been posted before, however my Mouflon Plus boots are probably coming to the end of thier life after about 5yrs use.

    I have quite narrow size 7 feet & the Mouflon have suited me very well, I know many folk speak highly of the Meindl Dovre however I've heard it may be a wide fitting boot compared to the Mouflon & therefore not suit my feet

    So does anyone else have smallish narrow feet and wear Meindl?....



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    I only take an 8 1/2 and used to wear the Mouflon and knocked 1 pair out every year, last year i purchased a pair of meindls and they are going to do 2 years i reckon. I wear mine every single day near enough and they get some serious hard!


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    I used to wear mouflons but they only used to last me a year, so I have just gone onto Meindls which I think are the groneig model (spelling not to sure of) and I am happy to say that they are worth every penny and coming from someone who has broken both ankles I wont skimp on decent foot wear any more.
    Plus I belive that Meindl have got the contract to supply the army with desert issue boots so you would hope that they are good.

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    I got some Lowa Hunter GTX, well comfy, they have done me well on my patch as some of it is extremely wet, the thawing out snow etc didn't get through. Well worth the dosh.


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    For me it is Altberg
    i have had both of the above named and never been really satisfied with the quality and the value for money the mufon have gone down in quality of materials as the now made in Asia

    Tyhe Altberg is good quality hand made boot for less that the above an you can post them back to the factory to be refurbished and the speak English on the phone though i have never had a complaint as they do 1/2 sizes for the odd buggers like me cant beat them. sent a pair to be resoled back in a week. very very good

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    I wore Meindl combat boots in the Army, and wear a variety of Meindl boots now for shooting and farm work. I have a pair of Douvre Extremes, the Glockners and several pairs of Burmas. They are all serious quality: much better made than the Le Chameau Mouflons.

    Lowa and Altberg make good combat boots, but I would always buy Meindl field boots.

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    I would try and persuade anyone not to buy the new mouflon boots as the quality has decreased considerably

    we sold 7 pairs and had 6 pairs returned due to the falling apart and/or leaking

    have you considered chiruca
    pm me for details if you want



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    Glad to hear the Meindls are getting plenty of support. I was faced with the same decision and opted for the Dovre Extreme. I'm waiting for a pair in size 12 to be delivered (early birthday present!).

    Managed to pick up a brand new pair from ebay for 90. The same seller stocks a range of sizes and models, so it might be well worth a look if you are considering buying a pair.

    Really looking forward to giving my pair a run out once I get them.


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    Le Chameau have down graded the quality of their boots.

    I have worn their boots for years but after recently purchasing a new pair of the Bodium I can honestly say I will never buy another pair.

    Just take your old pair to the shop and compare the quality against those on the shelf, I am sure you will then give LC a miss.

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    Lundhags are very good...not cheap, but if looked after they will last...

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