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Thread: Sweet hill shooting syndicate

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    Sweet hill shooting syndicate

    Hi all
    A friend of mine asked me about a shooting syndicate he thought about joining
    I looked at the website and had mixed feelings on it but never heard of them
    But they do offer a good price with deer and boar
    Any views good or bad would be appreciated
    Cheers in advance

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    Do a search on here, you'll find the answers its all im saying.

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    I too looked into this syndicate,and i could be wrong here, but i thought that the chap who ran this syndicate was on the forum,but his account is now suspended i believe.
    Again i could be completly wrong,and i'll apologise if i am.

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    I looked into this once, but decided against it. The set up and way it was run sounded a bit odd to me. I got the impression that the stalking side of things was little more than guided outings, but with a big joining fee up front as well as the outing fee. I'm not sure about the other shooting, but I don't need to pay to shoot pigeons or foxes so I wasn't bothered about that.

    One of the main guys from the syndicate was a member on here, but got banned.



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    Thanks bob
    Any info on who the name of the banned member was
    Many thanks
    As I hav done a site search but it has come up blanks

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    I've dropped you a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone View Post
    Thanks bob
    Any info on who the name of the banned member was
    Many thanks
    As I hav done a site search but it has come up blanks
    It's this fella :

    View Profile: munsterlander - The Stalking Directory

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    Subtle guys... real subtle.

    I've looked into it and I trust you'll approve of the outcome.


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    Bloody hell
    I think I hav hit a raw nerve from the texts , emails and pm's
    Sorry guys was not intentended
    Seems like that sweet hill is not as cosher as they present via their web site
    Thanks every one for your honest opinions and advice
    Also seems like munsterlander is operating under false pretenses
    think my mate is better off saving any further Problems by not dealing with such people
    if I had known it was run by Ray Goodwin (formerly mr you) I would not of asked in the first place
    Now I know
    Be ware , be warned
    Thanks all for putting me in the picture
    This is what makes this site so good
    The honesty of the members
    Cheers all

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