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Thread: Daystate Huntsman advice

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    Daystate Huntsman advice

    Hi All,

    I need some advice regarding my latest toy. On Friday I bought a mint (looking) Daystate huntsman in FAC guise. I finally got a minute to set it up properly and to my dismay there was an issue with it not cocking every time. The bolt operation was noisy and it sounded to me as if the hammer spring was coilbound. Had a look on the daystate site and they want 60 an hour to look at it so I thought, Oh well, lets have a look inside.
    Now this model left the daystate workshop as a 50ftlb model and by my calculation is actually delivering about 30ftlb now. I vented the air and got the tools out.
    It now appears that my new toy has been owned by an enthusiastic DIYer.

    The hammer spring has been shortened by about 11mm and a nylon spacer about 5mm has been added. I can only think this has been done to reduce the power but it looks like it has been made by getting a squirrel to chew it. This meant the spring could drop out of it's guide and stop the rifle from cocking.
    To get this rifle back how it should be i need some bits. Will Daystate sell spares? I only need a new hammer spring,Pellet probe o ring, and a new ball bearing for the bolt detent.
    If not I will have to get creative but i'd really like the origional spec parts back in it.


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    Why not contact Daystate and ask?

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    Because they are shut

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