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Thread: is there muntjac in shropshire

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    is there muntjac in shropshire

    a friend of mine was out lamping fox's the other night on his ground on the Shropshire welshpool border, he said it was around midnight and they hadn't had much luck when they saw what he said was a muntjac ? he is a x keeper so knows his stuff and animals but i just thought i would ask if anyone else had seen any muntys in north Shropshire?

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    know of a few places in the welshpool area that have muntys so depending on where he was it could have been

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    it was not far from loton park gerald mate in between there and criggion mate

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    criggion sounds about write mate

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    Have seen them around the church stretton area. not big numbers though.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    cheers sinbad, yes i'v herd there are some up stretton and around condover & dorrington seems there's a lot more south Shropshire than north mate

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    was talking to an old chap to day who told me there is quite a few muntys up stretton area ??

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    Joneah, I have 2500acres (excellent ground as well) near there, and it is a rare occurence seeing muntjac day or night.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    cheers sinbad yea i think he could be pulling my leg mate ha ha, i use to be in a shoot up there at marshbrook and use to do a lot of vermin control day and night for quite a few years and i never saw one up there but that was over 10 years ago lol

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