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Thread: How close can you get?

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    How close can you get?

    On Sunday evening I watched a couple of Munties in a hay meadow on the shoot. They both eventually went their seperate ways and i decided i would see how close i could get to the Doe. I finished the approach with a crawl and ended up with two fence posts between us so about 6 yards, she eventually spotted me and legged it.

    I just wondered how close you have STALKED into a Deer, sitting still and waiting does not count .

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    6yards is pretty damn impressive i have to say, your fieldcraft & stalking skills cant be questioned at that!!

    I manage 25-30yards regularly, never much closer though... need to leave enough room to take a shot.
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    Sneaked up to a Roe buck and poked it with my sticks which are 1.8m long!
    Did a similar post a while back......
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    About 220yds!
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I got within 10 yds of one, she was with a youngster, even time one looked up I froze, there was no real cover as it was in a grazed field, I really surprised myself how close I actually got, eventually they saw me and legged it. I felt like a stone age hunter, could have got it with a spear easy....

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    With a rifle - they go bouncing away literally 800 yards away, at the opposite side of the valley. Without it, a pair of us were checking out an area of our ground we rarely go to and found a doe grazing. We stalked along the side of a wall and got withing 50 yards of it. Stood up, took a picture, walked very slowly forward talking slowly, and at 30 yards to stopped, looked at us and then continued feeding! Now talking properly we walked slowly closer at about 20 yards it bolted.

    i would not have believed it if i had not seen it myself, conditions were simply a light wind and i guess everything was totally in our favour

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    I went to a field with a client one time to set up and then put him in a high seat. When we arrived there was a doe lying under a small Oak tree some 25m from where we needed to set up. We casually walked to the tree, set up the high seat and then I left and although she checked us out she never even moved. Must've known it was buck season!!

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    I was thinking of asking the same question, on saterday i saw a young buck feeding on a hedge some 200 yards away, so i wanted to have a closer look at him. between him and me was a line of trees down the side of a track. so i decided to get a little closer useing the trees. tree by tree i stalked in to him, pearing from behind every one. by 100 yards i could see he was a nice little 6 pointer and one to be left for a nother season. but i was enjoying stalking in to him so i carried on. tree by tree and about an hour later i ended at the last tree and less that 10 yards from him. so then i decided to see if i could stalk away from him without him seeing me. its harded stalking away i found out as your either not watching him or not watching where your going. now thats one to try. what an enjoyable night .. and without pulling the trigger......

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    If you go to 'you tube' and type in 'deer stalking clarkster' you will see a video of a chap I met recently creeping up on a fallow deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Did a similar post a while back......
    Appologies MS, I thought it would be interesting to run another thread rather than resurect the old one.

    I was never planning to shoot this Doe, but i did try and take some pics on the mobile. They are absolutely shamefull but here is the best of them .
    Click image for larger version. 

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    and a better one of the view the other way.
    Click image for larger version. 

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