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    Hi, my name, as you might have guessed from my username, is Alexander - I've never fired a firearm in the UK, but have developed a real interest after some very enjoyable experiences abroad (mostly rural USA). Fortunately, despite mostly having used handguns on the range, I was most enamored by a couple of rifles I got to use (especially a .22 rifle actually!) - which are thankfully legal to own back home.

    In addition I'd really like to get into deer stalking for meat. I have a real issue with unnecessary animal suffering, and how detached from the source of our food the majority of us have become. I can think of no better way of killing an animal than by a well placed shot from an adequately powered firearm. Furthermore, I am concerned about the environmental impact of excessive commercial meat farming, yet I hear that some deer populations are too high - it therefore seems to make sense to eat deer (and other pests such as grey squirrels and rabbits) rather than farmed animals if possible, and I would very much like to be part of that process.

    So I am a bit of an odd one, a 'vegetarian' who wants to go out and shoot deer, but I hope my opinions make at least a little sense.

    I'm planning to get into target shooting when I get back, probably in .22 initially. In addition I'm going to learn about deer stalking and hunting in the UK, hopefully partially from this forum.

    I'm not particularly looking forward to the endless forms I'm going to have to fill out in order to do all these things (especially since I'm writing this about 200m away from a Wallmart that sells automatic rifles over the counter), but on the other hand I do feel a bit safer at night with those forms keeping dangerous explodey things out of the hands of at least some of the nutters.

    That's me then! I look forward to learning more!

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    Welcome to the forum and not least for the detailed intro - which I thought well put.
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    Welcome to the site,

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